Golden Eagles Track Club
Rockford, IL

Golden Eagles Track Club

Vision Statement
    Our vision is to be a first class youth track and field organization, a program of athletic excellence that will encourage young athletes to strive for their highest level of performance.

To Parents and Athletes,
    As part of the Golden Eagles Track Club, your child will receive instruction in track and field events including long and triple jumps, shot put, discus, sprints, middle & long distances, hurdles, and relays.  The program will provide group training and instruction sessions for boys and girls that will focus on nutrition, education development, conditioning, injury prevention, and personal development.  Participants will learn the essentials of athletic skill progression, including concentration, balance, power, instinct, rhythm, flexibility, relaxation, and attitude.
    Our goal is to keep event participation fees to a minimum for families.  Our parent volunteer committee will be organizing fundraising events throughout the year to help with these expenses.  We also will be seeking additional funds as we anticipate the rising cost of equipment, uniforms, and transportation.
    As the Director and Head Coach, it is my committment to provide our team with vision and leadership, and promote excellence in each individual member as well as our team. 

Thank You,
William D. Cossey Jr (Director and Head Coach) 

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